• I'm baaaaack!

    After 3 years on the lamb i'm back printing t-shirts, getting drunk, eating hot pockets and trying to really hard to sleep with women that find me repulsive. 

  • California - Knows how to party

    Awesome shit has been going down in California since waaay back. Less douchey than Miami, more real than Vegas, and it STILL knows how to party.

  • Like my sketchy humor on Facebook!

    It's mildly sexist against fat chicks &  racist against Canadians; but normal people will find it hilarious...

  • ASS The Other Vagina

    Although it would be 'proper English' I didn't put a semi-colon on the tshirt. Speaking of colon.....


    Show me your tits

    This tshirt will get you boobs. Not great boobs, but boobs none the less. Great for festivals, punk bars, or just the streets of shitty neighborhoods...


    Step 1: Scrawl I heart Timmy Taylor somewhere creative.
    Step 2: Show alot of skin, get a photo.
    Step 3: Email us the pic, and you might win a free tshirt!


Welcome to the Timmy Taylor Website!

You've stumbled across Timmy Taylor Clothing; probably the coolest place on the web to get funny and offensive t-shirts . Alot of the t-shirt designs you'll find here come from people dropping an email. Infact, ASS- The Other Vagina is our most popular user-suggested design, and has been since it's introduction 12 months ago. It may be pretty offensive but geez it's honest.

The latest news is always contained within the blog. Latest designs and discount vouchers all feature there. I've set up my new "Offensive T-shirt" mailing list so you get the lowdown on all of the ironic and funny t-shirts before they hit the street (or internet) .

As always I feature the newest offensive tshirts and funny t-shirts on the blog so instead of i'll put my best selling t-shirts, starting with offensive tshirts:

ass - the other vagina offensive t-shirt I prefer Britney Bald! Offensive t-shirts eaton beavers - offensive tshirt im in a band, show me your tits- offensive t-shirts hung like saddam offensive tshirt

Honestly, they're really not that offensive. Obviously the 'I Prefer Britney Bald' design is about the hair on her head. Stop emailing me about it, I don't think she owns a cat!

They only reason I classify most of these as offensive is because the amount of 'hate' mail I get regarding these designs. I'm going to be getting a whole lot more mail when I release the "Jesus is Coming! Bust out the baby wipes.." Giddy up!

awesome wingman - funny t-shirt Club sandwiches not seals t-shirt Idaho? No, you da ho! I made my ex famous Juan on Juan - Mexican Basketball

Yeah I know, these ones are a little cheesy, but at least you can wear them in front of your mom; except for maybe the wingman one. If your mom's a fatty, she'll realize she married a wingman!! The Juan on Juan design was one of my first, but it still sells really well. The 'Made My ex Famous' one relates from a funny story with an even funnier girl. Hmmmm...

community colledge beer-pong-draft-beer I heart Retro t-shirt peanut butter jelly time tshirt hammertime -t-shirt

With the first design, I swear i'm not putting down Community Colleges. All industries need their 'Wal*Mart' alternatives. The I Heart Retro design is a throwback to your dads old porn collection. Remember when porn came in printed mini-books called magazines? Just to be completely clear: Brian from the Family Guy wasn't the first person, animal or plant to do the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance. You tube it.... It was a banana that did the original.

Bada Bing! Czech Yo' Self - Be-fo you wreck yo self Canada - America's bitch.. Polk High - Al Bundy - Married with Children In Security - Funny bouncer t-shirt

The Bada Bing t-shirt pays tribute to Jersey's most famous titty bars, while the Canada - America's bitch design is soooo funny because its true. You know Canadians are convinced that Basketball is Canadian? Crap. The guy that invented it was from Canada, but was smart enough to get out and fix his accent to avoid ridicule. Smart boy.

You probably recognize the Polk High design, but don't know where from. Remember Marcy Darcy, No Ma'am, Buck, Bud, Peggy, Kelly and Al? If you still don't get it, don't get the tshirt.