• I'm baaaaack!

    After 3 years on the lamb i'm back printing t-shirts, getting drunk, eating hot pockets and trying to really hard to sleep with women that find me repulsive. 

  • California - Knows how to party

    Awesome shit has been going down in California since waaay back. Less douchey than Miami, more real than Vegas, and it STILL knows how to party.

  • Like my sketchy humor on Facebook!

    It's mildly sexist against fat chicks &  racist against Canadians; but normal people will find it hilarious...

  • ASS The Other Vagina

    Although it would be 'proper English' I didn't put a semi-colon on the tshirt. Speaking of colon.....


    Show me your tits

    This tshirt will get you boobs. Not great boobs, but boobs none the less. Great for festivals, punk bars, or just the streets of shitty neighborhoods...


    Step 1: Scrawl I heart Timmy Taylor somewhere creative.
    Step 2: Show alot of skin, get a photo.
    Step 3: Email us the pic, and you might win a free tshirt!


Offensive Tshirts

If you are the sort of person that sees their clothing as an opportunity to start a fight and generally piss off random strangers, you’re in the right part of the website.


Ass - the other vagina offensive t-shirt I prefer Britney Bald! Offensive t-shirts eaton beavers - offensive tshirt im in a band, show me your tits- offensive t-shirts hung like saddam offensive tshirt

Honestly, they're really not that offensive. Obviously the 'I Prefer Britney Bald' design is about the hair on her head. Stop emailing me about it, I don't think she owns a cat!

They only reason I classify most of these as offensive is because the amount of 'hate' mail I get regarding these designs. I'm going to be getting a whole lot more mail when I release the "Jesus is Coming! Bust out the baby wipes.." Giddy up!


awesome wingman - funny t-shirt Club sandwiches not seals t-shirt Idaho? No, you da ho! I made my ex famous Juan on Juan - Mexican Basketball

Yeah I know, these ones are a little cheesy, but at least you can wear them in front of your mom; except for maybe the wingman one. If your mom's a fatty, she'll realize she married a wingman!! The Juan on Juan design was one of my first, but it still sells really well. The 'Made My ex Famous' one relates from a funny story with an even funnier girl.



Offensive tshirts have been around longer than you probably think. King Tutankhamun possessed the 1st offensive shirt that featured a scene showing a man attempting to fit a rooster into his mouth. Historians say this would have roughly translated to ‘Eat a Dick’.

The next evidence of an offensive tshirt was a text-only design worn by Noah when he was loading his ark. Turns out he’s robes were in for dry cleaning, and when he went to pick them up they had water damage; but I digress... His t-shirt declared “Noah Fat Chick’s!” the first version of a still popular design. Religious scholars say Noah’s bro JC also liked a good offensive tshirt.

Apparently Jesus himself liked a funny tshirt, with his taste varying between ironic and offensive. As everyone knows, Jesus was a graphic designer, so his JESUS SAVES tshirt with a ‘CTRL’ key and a ‘S’ key was probably and ironic-cool thing for him in his early twenties. Mid-twenties he went for “JESUS SHAVES (his balls)” he thought it’d be a hit with the ladies, but his whole water-to-wine shtick was marginally more successful.

On the cross he was rumoured to be wearing a tshirt that said ‘I’d rather be getting stoned’, infuriating the Romans.

Jesus was one righteous dude, and it continues; right now he’s preparing for his second coming by not having sex or wanking at all. Pretty awesome.

Around the same time in the arab empire, a dude called Mohammed was trying his hand at the rap game. Turns out he wasn’t that good, so he had to offload all of his $$PROFIT MOHAMMED $$ tshirts to a local charity shop. I know you’re reading this thinking ‘that’s not an offensive tshirt’, but trust me, I get alot of butt-hurt every time I mention the guy. Apparently half the world finds it offensive....

The Persian Empire went through a whole era of pussy tshirt puns, which nowadays we’d say pretty lame. After Movember, Persian soldiers would wear their traditional ‘Who loves a shaved Persian?’ tshirts. Not necessarily offensive t-shirts I guess, just shady innuendo.

Fast forward to the second world war, and on February 14th 1942, Hitler swapped his favourite band’s tour shirt; “Goering and The Boys Take Europe” wore a s tshirt that said BE MEIN VALENTINE.

There have been other offensive tshirts that featured through history. Apparently Castro had boxers (not an offensive tshirt per say) that said ‘Hidden Missile’ during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and when reports first came through about the Bay of Pigs invasion, he pulled on his ‘I Voted For Nixon’ tshirt. Apparently he thought that Kennedy was invading San Francisco Bay.