• I'm baaaaack!

    After 3 years on the lamb i'm back printing t-shirts, getting drunk, eating hot pockets and trying to really hard to sleep with women that find me repulsive. 

  • California - Knows how to party

    Awesome shit has been going down in California since waaay back. Less douchey than Miami, more real than Vegas, and it STILL knows how to party.

  • Like my sketchy humor on Facebook!

    It's mildly sexist against fat chicks &  racist against Canadians; but normal people will find it hilarious...

  • ASS The Other Vagina

    Although it would be 'proper English' I didn't put a semi-colon on the tshirt. Speaking of colon.....


    Show me your tits

    This tshirt will get you boobs. Not great boobs, but boobs none the less. Great for festivals, punk bars, or just the streets of shitty neighborhoods...


    Step 1: Scrawl I heart Timmy Taylor somewhere creative.
    Step 2: Show alot of skin, get a photo.
    Step 3: Email us the pic, and you might win a free tshirt!


Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers


I hope you're all enjoying your turkey and stuffing, hanging out with your families and crap. The last Thanksgiving I had with my family was in 2004 when we all webnt down to Barstow and checked into a real classy motel and had a nice lunch at T&B's BBQ a few miles away. Here's me and the (ex)old lady, and the 2.5 kids that same Thanksgiving...



Sorry for coming across all bitter and twisted.Thanksgiving is really about getting together with others to give thanks for the food, just like our forefathers did (except don't give poisoned blankets to the dude at Albertsons that sold you the turkey). Then it's time to get crazy drunk like Mel Gibson. For me, that means getting together with my neighbor's sister and giving thanks that I only bang her once a year. She must count down the days (she's not as attractive as the ex). Oh well. Christmas is coming soon, so I think I might get a new design together for you folks. I 'might' because i'm not sure how long it's going to take to get rid of the rash that i'll be getting a little later.

Happy Thanksgiving,