• I'm baaaaack!

    After 3 years on the lamb i'm back printing t-shirts, getting drunk, eating hot pockets and trying to really hard to sleep with women that find me repulsive. 

  • California - Knows how to party

    Awesome shit has been going down in California since waaay back. Less douchey than Miami, more real than Vegas, and it STILL knows how to party.

  • Like my sketchy humor on Facebook!

    It's mildly sexist against fat chicks &  racist against Canadians; but normal people will find it hilarious...

  • ASS The Other Vagina

    Although it would be 'proper English' I didn't put a semi-colon on the tshirt. Speaking of colon.....


    Show me your tits

    This tshirt will get you boobs. Not great boobs, but boobs none the less. Great for festivals, punk bars, or just the streets of shitty neighborhoods...


    Step 1: Scrawl I heart Timmy Taylor somewhere creative.
    Step 2: Show alot of skin, get a photo.
    Step 3: Email us the pic, and you might win a free tshirt!


My Story

I was born Timothy Jesus Taylor on February 28th 1960 . I spent the early years of my childhood in Idaho before my parents moved to Las Vegas when I was 13. My father got a job at The Sands hotel as a maintenance man, while my mother waited tables at a restaurant called Batista's Hole in the Wall.

I went to Las Vegas High School , and while I wasn't a good student, I managed to get by. I didn't have a job through high school because I guess I was a little lazy. When I graduated in '77 I couldn't get into any college, I didn't have any sort of work experience and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

For my18th birthday my friends all chipped in to get me a hooker. I guess they didn't have too much money because she the most fat, ugly, disgusting, VD carrying, trailer-park-living, wrinkly old hooker I had ever seen. Anyway, after I boned her we got to talking (I still had 52 minutes of the pre-paid hour left). She said that she had a friend in California that produced adult films. She explained that once I got my timing issues under control, my appendage and moustache would help me get a foot in the door. So I went to see her friend, Russ Meyer.

Needless to say I went on to feature films such as:

Case of the Full Moon Murders
Case of the Smiling Stiffs
Hot Honey
The Violation of Claudia
Beyond The Valley of The Dolls
Backdoor Disco Jam
Mr Fister
P is for Pee

The porn industry suffered a downturn in the early 1980's and as a result I faced with the choice of packing fudge for the brown brigade or stay straight and narrow and quit. So quit I did.

Since then I have been involved in setting up charitable organizations such as "Porn for Under-Privileged Teens Appeal" (PUKA) and I have been the driving force behind the "Bring Back The Muff" campaign.

PUKA provided used 1970's porno's to teenagers whose parents were poor or religious. It was a runaway success with many kind people delving into their wardrobe, under the seat in the truck or under the bed to break out their old Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Teenage boys all across this wonderful country no longer need to scan the underwear section in a Sears catalogue for the slimmest sign of nipple or bush to simply knock a load away.

My most recent campaign has been "Bring Back The Muff". I'm an old school kind of a guy, and darn it if I don't like a big, furry muff. It's not that I don't approve of chicks waxing their honeypot; I just wish there were still some fuzzy women left. As this campaign is still in its early days, I'm not sure of its success, but I'm confident sales of Epiladies will drop over the coming years.

So this brings me to the t-shirts and such. The first t-shirt I designed declared "I love Hairy Pussies!” There was lot of interest in it, so I decided to voice my opinions more on shirts, like 'Scooters: When you're just too gay for a motorbike' and 'ASS: The other Vagina'. And so it has progressed to what it is today. I hope you all like the site, the tshirts and our whole vibe. If not, you must be a vegetarian or a feminist or both.